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BFA: Bridges for Africa is a South African, Bridge manufacture and supply company specialising in the Steel, Modular and BFA-200 Bridge Designs. 

BFA is predominantly associated with private sector projects, allowing BSE to maintain authority over all programmes. 

BSE has partnered with the SANDF and NDPWI to manufacture and supply Bridges to rural areas and communities as part of a greater Government Programme. 

These Bridges have contributed greatly to the upliftment of rural communities, granting access to much needed medical services, clinics, and, schools. The Bridge Programme has also contributed to economic growth and job creation by making use of local resources and workforces.  

The Type-100



This is the Original Design of the Bailey-Type Panel Bridge. Deployed extensively during WWII and used Internationally to this day. 

A proven design, one that is Robust, Sturdy and can Stand the Test of Time- the first ever prototype still stands and is being utilised near the River Avon in England, UK. 


The Bridges are easy to assemble with a trained crew. It is also easy to dismantle and transport to new sites. 


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The BFA-200

The BFA 200 is the latest in our Bridge Development Programme and we are excited to embark on the next projects involving this design. 

The BFA-200 is different in that it can carry greater loads with a smaller amount of components, the BFA-200, sharing similarity with the Type-100 has essentially been optimised in that redundant  components have been refined, excess components have been streamlined and the general structure,  and erection of the Bridge has been simplified whilst achieving a higher  structural integrity. 

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