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BSE (Bosch Specialised Equipment) is a Specialist Supplier and manufacturer of High Frequency Power Tools and Machinery, also offering repair and maintenance services. 

Your number one supplier of High Quality, High Frequency Power Tools, Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Generators and Mobile Containers. 

We are the sole providers for:


Bosch Production Tools

Clarke International

Laier Vibration Machinery

We are the designers and manufacturers of the World Renowned "Tainer" Mobile Workshop System; successfully deployed throughout Africa by the UN Relief Programmes. 


Power Tools

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Electricity Plugs


Meet The Team



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Founder and Managing Member, Mark not only created but has grown BSE Distributors into what is now the formidable company it is today. 



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Managing Director, Elliot is young, diverse and versatile. With vast experience in trade and commerce, he is well equipped to manage any project with the greatest efficacy. 



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Public Relations Officer, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable insight to the company.  



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General Manager, Adam has been with BSE Distributors since inception and has been and continues to be a tremendous asset to the company



Knowledge heads the Workshop as the Workshop Manager, using his many years of experience, kind nature and love for his job, he makes working at BSE a pleasure!




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Project Manager, Charlie joined the company to head up projects, local and international, with her strong military background and qualifications she is a skilled and essential element within the company structure.


HF Power Tools

BSE (Bosch Specialized Equipment) is a World Leader in the sales, maintenance and manufacture of High Frequency Power Tools. BSE are also at the forefront in the supply of assembly line tools, particularly for the Automotive Industries but are also extensively used in other industries that requires highly accurate fastening systems with repeatability. 

The Bosch Range of Production Tooling is World Class and is currently the industry benchmark. 

Our Product Range is Immense:

  • Bosch Production Tools

  • Clarke International, Britain's Number 1 for Power Equipment & Hand Tools

  • BFA, Modular Trussed Panel Bridges

  • The "Tainer", a Unique Mobile Workshop System

  • Laier Vibration Machinery

  • General Suppliers & Sourcing Specialists

Power Tools


Our "Tainer" Units are a system of Mobile Workshops designed to be highly effective instruments for any organisation needing Mobile, Secure and Usable Workshops.

Our Proven System is driven to be deployed in rugged terrain. A prime example being the set of 4 "Tainers" deployed and utilised by the UN. 


Woodworking, Metalworking, Plumping & Electrical, and, a Hardware Container have been designed to be placed in any area to help construct Troop or Refugee Shelters. 


All of the Workshops fold out to double the working area, they are completely self-driven and come with a 15kVA or a 20kVA Power-Compressed Air, High Frequency 3-Phase + 1-Phase Electrical Supply.

Mobile Containers

Specialist Generators

High Frequency Generators for the use of all High Frequency Field Tools & Equipment. 

The Generators can operate 3-Phase Industrial at 200Hz or  an optional 1-Phase Domestic at 50Hz + 3-Phase Industrial at 50Hz.

The HF Generator is used to supply power to all standard HF Construction Tools operating on the higher 3-Phase Frequency of 200Hz, such as Vibration Equipment through to the full range of Bosch HF and BSE's Bespoke Tools supplied primarily to the Military in the Field Engineer Role. 

Clarke International

Established in 1969, Clarke International are Britain's Number 1 Supplier of Power Products, from Hand Tools to Compressors and  Industrial Heating, these are but a few of their thousands of Products available in their easy-to-navigate catallogues and website. 

BSE have been the Proud Agent for Clarke International for the past 22 years.

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