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Our "Tainer" Units are a system of Mobile Workshops designed to be highly effective instruments for any organisation needing Mobile, Secure and Usable Workshops.

Our Proven System is driven to be deployed in rugged terrain. A prime example being the set of 4 "Tainers" deployed and utilised by the UN. 


Woodworking, Metalworking, Plumping & Electrical, and, a Hardware Container have been designed to be placed in any area to help construct Troop or Refugee Shelters. 


All of the Workshops fold out to double the working area, they are completely self-driven and come with a 15kVA or a 20kVA Power-Compressed Air, High Frequency 3-Phase + 1-Phase Electrical Supply.


The Rapid Deployment Modular Clinic (RDMC) has been designed according to medical grade specifications for basic medical functionality, it has been certified by Life Hospitals (South Africa), it has also been signed off by a PREng, has an electrical compliance and a plumbing compliance certification.

The RDMC serves as a solution to African countries with limited budgets and urgent needs.

Along with assisting with COVID-19 relief the RDMC is capable of serving as a One-Stop-Centre (OSC) for the aid against Gender Based Violence (GBV) providing a safe space where Victims may; report incidents, seek medical examination and care, and ascertain support, counselling and guidance with coordinating investigations.

These Rapid Deployment Modular Clinics (RDMC’s) are as versatile and adaptable as the user/owner envisions, once the primary use for the RDMC has been met, they may repurposed for any further needs.

We have identified some key areas in which these Clinics may be best suited; namely:

  • Screening & Testing     

  • Gender Based Violence (Prevention, Education and Eradication)

  • Rape Response & Counselling

  • Sanitary Clinics/ Local Pharmacies

  • HIV Response

  • Sexual Education

  • Skills Transfer

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