• Charlotte Pearl Marcinko

Bawa Bridge

BAWA BRIDGE 24 years ago, near a small village called Butterworth, a disastrous tragedy struck: a low level bridge collapsed resulting in the loss of 11 lives. This result could potentially have been avoided had there been proper and sufficient infrastructure in place. Flooding; a natural disaster which is swiftly and effortlessly taking the lives of our people indiscriminately, an unnecessary outcome because we can provide the solution, we can provide the infrastructure, we can provide the combatant to this problem; together we can beat the floods and take back our power. The Bawa Bridge stands as our testimony to this. The erection of a formidable bridge allowing safe passage for both the local communities and travelers, is a symbol of our commitment to this cause for which we care deeply. The Butterworth Memorial, a permanent reminder to us to never falter in our drive to succeed in Bridging the Gaps. Thank you to all who contributed to the Butterworth Bawa, Bridge and Memorial, this was a project worth all of its tribulations and once again, we are grateful and proud to have been a key contributor. #Butterworth #Bridges #Bridgethegap #Savinglives #Outreach #BSEDistributors #Construction #Memorial Read more @

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