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Community Support

BSE recently visited the KZN region where a number of Bridges are being deployed as part of the Bridge Programme, some pedestrian and some vehicular. It was an eye-opening experience which left us with a great sense of honour and pride to be able to work hand-in-hand with both the NDPW and the SANDF in order to aid communities in several ways.

The Bridge Programme is not just an infrastructural project, it is one with a beating heart, one that has far reaching impacts on communities and one which can genuinely influence lives and affect change.

At Mangwanya, Four Bridges are being erected (three pedestrian and one vehicular). Sadly, in this community, the rape culture is prolific and young women are being attacked on their route to and from school- the implementation of these Bridges will create a direct line of site from the school to the route back to the community thus providing an new element of safety.

The rainy seasons cause immense flooding resulting not only in children being stranded on one side of the river, but loss of life to drowning- these Bridges will put an end to that.

Both sites, Mangwenya and Greytown are underway and we are so excited for the end result! Thank you NDPW and thank you SANDF for all your endless efforts; let’s keep moving!

Community Support
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